Joshua Duttweiler



A single thread is made by spinning raw fibres into long strands. From there the threads are woven together, more and more combined until there is fully functional fabric. I find that creativity works in the same way. Ideas are taken from our environment and experiences much like the fibres of plants harvested each season. They then are refined, as collaborators come together to share their strengths to create a new, better vision. Each part on their own is strong but acting as one, the final tapestry is a complete image, something truly beautiful to behold.

In this series, “Interwoven,” the subjects explore the balance between self and unity. Identity and environment are woven together through the connection of creativity. 


Creative Directors: Joshua Duttweiler, Ashley Vancol // Photography: Joshua Duttweiler // Styling: Ashley Vancol // Hair + Makeup: Molly Leahy // Videography: Brent Mills // Models: Asa Benjamin, William Dean, Alyssa Marshall, Stephanie Miranda, Ashley Vancol // Location: Artists for Humanity // Wardrobe: Neiman Marcus // Additional Decoration: Bloom Couture


Behind the Scenes