Joshua Duttweiler



Environment, it matters – plain and simple. And even though it’s rarely the focus of the photograph, especially portraits, a poor environment can make an excellent image subpar at best and a distraction at worst. We’ve all seen images with trees unintentionally popping out of people’s heads or selfies from strangers jumping into the frame. 

It definitely took me awhile to embrace the environment of my subjects. Practice early on as a photographer allowed me to make sure that the environment wasn’t a distraction but what if the surrounding could add and impact my subjects for the better? Over time I’ve learned that embracing my surroundings can bring images to the next level and deserves the same kind of care and planning that other aspects of the shoot do. 

And yes that might require walking into some strange places to scout, laying on the dirty ground or getting kicked out of space I wasn’t probably supposed to be in the first place. All the weird angles and odd body contortions I make to get the shot, not to mention the people passing by that will simple stare or worse pull out their phones and take shots of me taking shots of your subject. It’s all worth it to complete the shot, to bring the full vision into reality.

With the sun, mirrors and endless sky, Fabio and I made awesome images. Boston and beyond.