Joshua Duttweiler



I’m going to start off by avoiding my usual poetic language about light (that’s what my instagram is for.) Light matters, it’s true. It informs photography to the core. Images wouldn’t be possible without it. And because of all this, it’s so easily taken for granted. It’s easy to shoot in any light because the technology is so good these days. I can drop highlights all day in Lightroom hiding the fact that the background is completely blown out. But that doesn’t mean I should just let the computers do the work. 

It's so important to take time, finding the right light changes an image for the better. I continue to use light to be more than the exposure. Framing, reflecting, and backlighting amongst other ways to capturing the light as it fills the spaces I place my subjects in. I’ve said this before but being in the city, find myself surrounded by harsh shadows and contrasting lines. I’m constantly chasing the shadows and window of light that fill this urban landscape. It continues to be one of my favorite ways to compose a portrait. Discovering the balance between shadows and light and what distinguishes the figure amongst those elements. 

Here are a few of my favorites from a quick shoot with Ramsel and Jeeyoon a few weekends ago. Thanks for your willingness to go along with the flow and stare into the blinding light.