Geanna + John Michael

It doesn’t take spending much time with Geanna and John Michael to feel like you’re a part of their family. And their family is big, consisting of many close friends and actual family members. All of them gathered in New Bedford, Massachusetts to celebrate the marriage of this beloved couple. 

It turned out to be a beautiful June day from start to finish, ending at the Running Brook Vineyard. A casual atmosphere was present throughout making for an enjoyable evening. Priority for the evening was on epic dancing (which was accomplished successfully) and lead to the send off. 

Jessica + Julian

Jessica and Julian’s wedding brought me to Memphis on my first visit to the home of blues to capture their wedding day. Set in the lovely Tennessee woods, at a nature conservatory, the outdoor ceremony was filled with a lot of love and musical talent. Julian surprised Jessica not once but twice with a song he wrote and performed for her as well as a choreographed dance with the groomsmen. 

Both of their fun-loving personalities lead to a lot of smiles and laughs from everyone throughout the evening. With friends and family coming from all over the world, it truly was a spectacular celebration. And for me, it was an extra special day, because Jessica is my cousin and on that day we received a new family member with Julian and couldn’t be more excited to welcome him into the fold. 


Hendrick has been one of my favorite models to collaborate with because our styles compliment each other well. There’s a certain stillness to his presence that works well as try to delicately align light with the subject. Hendrick’s sense of style is always on point and for this shoot he brought a more comfortable loose look, perfect for a warm summer evening. As we walked around Boston’s historic North End I chased after different lighting and environment, ranging from softer simple walls and greenery to more harsh spaces both in light and in detail. The North End offered a huge range of spaces and Hendrick was willing to try many different poses, many of which really only look good on camera (do it for the gram!) 

Sadly, Hendrick moving to NYC to pursue modeling more actively so there may not be many more collaborations in the future. Check out his site and Instagram though! Best of luck with your move to Brooklyn! 

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